Friday, September 18, 2009

You Are Never Too Old For Camp! Bring Your AARP Card...

Camp isn’t just for kids anymore. Yes, we still do plenty of child friendly ministry and programs, but our fastest growing age group is people eligible for AARP cards.
Lutherhostel, Autumn Adults, Christmas at Biltmore, Fall Color family weekends, Apple Festival, Handbell Weekends, Wild Women, Create in Me, and more are all offered at Lutheridge and Lutherock. Some of these programs, like Lutherhostel, are specifically designed for older adults while others bring all generations together.
You may remember camp as bunk beds and corn dogs. You are in for a treat at Lutheridge and Lutherock where we have comfortable, motel style rooms and a chef on site who is capable of the most demanding special menus. You will love his chicken salad!
Experiencing a retreat setting will allow you to focus on God in a way not possible in day to day life. The intentional Christian Community created will allow you to grow from the faith and experiences of others.

Pastor Mary Canniff Kuhn is a wonderful storyteller and Pastor Tim Canniff Kuhn will entertain you with songs and laughter. Both are well respected as teachers and proclaimers of the Gospel.
Log onto our website to see a list of fall, winter, and spring programs designed specifically for you.