Saturday, March 28, 2009

Conference or Retreat, Easy as 1, 2, 3…

Do you have a meeting, conference or retreat you need to schedule? Is your Company, Church Group, Women’s Organization or Youth Group looking for a spot to hold your Corporate Retreat, Conference, General Meeting or Function? Tired of the same old options? In this time of downsizing and shrinking budgets you may want to consider Lutheridge+Lutherock Conference Center. We offer a multitude of options and experiences.

A total of 11 different meeting rooms, some in the housing areas, are available at Lutheridge+Lutherock for business needs and retreat gatherings. Many activities including swimming, games, hiking as well as community buildings are available. Our chef provides nutritious and delicious meals, which can be adapted to specialized dietary needs.

At Lutherock “The Crow's Nest” is not what you might expect to find at a wilderness camp. This year-round, two-story retreat center has fifteen rooms with private baths! There is a meeting room, large lounge area with a wood-burning fireplace, large windows overlooking the mountains, a dining room, and a light industrial kitchen. The center is handicapped accessible. (A two-night minimum stay is required for weekend retreats.) Lutherock also features “The Founder's Lodge” which is a dormitory style facility with two sleeping areas (accommodating 24 each). There is a main room with a wood burning fireplace and light industrial kitchen. The Founder's Lodge is not heated and is open seasonally: April 1st through November 1st. An open-air pavilion with a built-in grill is located off the back of the Founder's Lodge. Rustic and a lot of fun!

“The Kohnjoy Inn” is the most comfortable and private of all lodging options at Lutheridge. With a sleeping capacity of 32, the Kohnjoy has sixteen individual rooms with private bathrooms. Rocking chairs are situated on the deck for quiet time.
A cozy two-story house, Bacot is also a wonderful housing option for small groups wishing for a more secluded, intimate ambiance. This eight-bedroom house is equipped with a full kitchen, two gathering areas, and four bathrooms. The central gathering area upstairs is perfect for small group meetings as well as lounging around the stone fireplace.

At Lutheridge+Lutherock we can help you with team-building, or we can just give you a great place to hold your meeting. High comfort lodges, state of the art meeting facilities, and a staff that will take care of all your needs. All this, and you'll save money. Now, that is what we call “Meeting Responsibly”! Give us a call @ 828.684.2361, drop us an email or log onto our website to schedule your next event. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

The Buzz- "The retreats were wonderful! We could not
have had any better service and the Conference Center is beautiful! The
food was good, the rooms were clean, and the staff were great! Matt went
out of his way to ensure that everything was perfect. Everyone
complimented us on the retreat choice."

Friday, March 20, 2009

Why A Christian Camp...

Why a Christian Camp? Lutheridge+ Lutherock Summer Camp will welcome thousands of campers this year. We will teach them concrete skills for Christian living, skills that they will use for a lifetime. We will affirm their gifts and coach them to affirm each other. Our staff supports and encourages our campers to stretch and grow, rejoicing in accomplishments and seeing failure as a chance to try again. Our goal is that every camper who comes to Lutheridge+Lutherock goes home closer to Jesus, knowing Him better and loving Him more.

Why choose our Christian Camp? Other camps boast improved skills in concrete, measurable areas: shots on goal. Most offer the chance to build self-esteem and develop teamwork through practice drills and competition. This is fine and can be valuable, but it is easy to be fooled into thinking that secular camps teach “real-life” skills that kids can use, and Christian camps do not. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The skills that campers will learn at Lutheridge+Lutherock this summer are just as tangible and useful.

Self-esteem and teamwork are emphasized, but will not be taught through drills and competition. Each camper will be supported and encouraged to try new things, to stretch and grow in ways that are appropriate. For some first-time campers, that will mean cutting their own meat or sleeping in a cabin. For high school youth it may be hiking 20 miles on the Appalachian Trail or putting a new roof on a Habitat cabin. Campers go home amazed at what they CAN do, not only by themselves, but as a team. Throughout the week, campers learn to live and work and play together. Middle school and high school campers spend time on the Group Interaction Course, a low ropes adventure that teaches campers problem solving and leadership skills. Campers are taught HOW to be encouraging and affirming of one another. Every child goes home feeling like a winner.

For parents and baptismal sponsors, sending a child to church camp is an excellent way to show commitment to the promises made on the child’s behalf at the baptismal font. A week at Lutheridge+Lutherock in no way replaces regular worship or involvement in a home congregation, but it does give youth a broader and deeper understanding of the church and of the faith which the church proclaims.

Our counselors are also important role models for campers. Talented college students, committed to Christ and excited about sharing their faith and love for children, receive two full weeks or more of intensive training before campers are entrusted to their care. They show campers that a life of faith is not only fulfilling, but also fun! They hear problems and offer advice to situations that campers just would not share with the “grownups” in their lives. And over and over, throughout the summer, they point to Jesus as THEIR counselor, their strength and joy. Young people expect parents, teachers, and pastors to do that, but when “cool” college counselors live their faith and mean it…then campers believe it can be true in their own lives…here and now.
At Lutheridge+Lutherock these are skills and attitudes that can be put to use tomorrow and will last a lifetime. Few of today’s children will still be leading cheers or playing soccer when they are fifty. But they will still be relating to people in their family, workplace and neighborhood. They will still be children of God living out the covenant of their baptism.

Take a moment and check out our different Summer Camp Curriculum's, you will be inspired to have your child join us this summer.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Springtime in the Mountains...

Winter is almost behind us and it is time to make plans for some “Springtime Fun”.
What better tonic to get into the groove of a new season than a Retreat at Lutheridge?
Have you been to the Biltmore Estate lately? Imagine spending the day at one of America’s premier historic Estates, during the “Biltmore Festival of Flowers”.

The gardens will be in full color; come and walk the extensive grounds and enjoy the beauty of the Wisteria, Roses, Tulips and Azaleas. The gardens were designed by Frederick Law Olmstead with such brilliance and foresight that they are as magical today as they were almost 100 years ago. Olmstead is considered the father of American landscape architecture and designer many well-known urban parks such as Central Park in New York City. The Festival of Flowers is an experience not to be missed.
So here is the deal.
Arrive at Lutheridge on Monday. Your housing will be ready and if your group would like a space to have time together, we can provide that. Enjoy time on your own at Lutheridge, or visit the North Carolina Arboretum, take a drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway, visit the Folk Art Center, or any activity that will bring you joy! Lutheridge staff will greet you at dinner to let you know about your time here.
After breakfast at Lutheridge on Tuesday you depart for the 8,000-acre Biltmore Estate. We will provide you with directions and ideas of what to do while at Biltmore. Lunch is on your own at one of the Estate's dining establishments. Meet us back at Lutheridge for dinner and devotions.
On Wednesday, feel free to wander around Lutheridge after we say goodbye to you at breakfast. Enjoy the rocking chairs, have a meeting with your group, or visit the towns of Asheville or Hendersonville. Make your time at Lutheridge+Lutherock Retreat Center be exactly what YOU want it to be.
The Details….
Cost for “Spring in the Mountains” is a very affordable $144 per person. This price includes 4 meals, double occupancy housing, evening singing and devotions, and a one-day general admission ticket to the Biltmore Estate. Children 12 and under: $75 (includes Biltmore one-day ticket). For questions about housing and cost, contact Stacey at or 828-684-2361 ext. 335.
Register today, this retreat is filling up fast.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Leap into Spring...

LEAP into spring! Lutheridge+Lutherock are offering a set of programs that were specifically created for school group retreats. What better way to celebrate the end of the school year? The spring season is growing in popularity. Take a moment and imagine spending your "Class Retreat" at the Biltmore Estate and nearby Riverbend Farm or Grandfather Mountain, home of the United Nations Biosphere Reserve. The LEAP Program also offers trips to the Pisgah National Forest which provides many opportunities for environmental learning and ski trips to Wolf Laurel, Sugar Mountain and Appalachian. We have worked hard to create a wide variety of outdoor educational experiences. Lutheridge+Lutherock also feature a group interaction course and the Alpine Challenge Towers. All of our “Class Retreat” experiences are fun, educational, memorable and will be uniquely yours.
We are eager to work with your group to accomplish the goals of your retreat. Whether we simply provide you with space, or if you choose, you can have our staff personally involved in the leadership of your retreat. Our staff is attentive to details and knows the surrounding area well, which will make your retreat a resounding success.
Lutheridge+Lutherock would like to show you why so many private schools have chosen us for their “Class Retreats”. Groups continue to come year after year because of our staff and the memorable experiences. Our program specialist is trained in group-building initiatives and has more than 17 years of experience with group dynamics and team-building. Contact Van to start planning your LEAP today--email or call him at 828-209-6303.

The Buzz:
In addition to the bonding that occurs, there is a confidence that each student gains from the new experiences. The opportunity to push themselves and encourage others to do the same is a quality that stays with them well beyond the week on the mountain. In the past few years we have added a slide show from Lutherock to our graduation ceremony. It immediately became the highlight of the evening. I have run into many of our now 9th grade students over the fall - every one of them is still wearing their blue yarn from the closing campfire! My daughter is graduating from high school this year. She doesn't have her yarn bracelet anymore, but she still has fond memories of the time spent there. The staff is great. The activities are memorable. The chores, group games, and campfire devotions help expand each person no matter where they are in their personal walk. We are still waiting for our first negative feedback!!!
Laura Bluhm, Advent School, Florida
The staff took our ideas (we wanted a nature hike, canoeing, the Challenge Tower, and a cookout) they (Lutheridge/Lutherock) organized it, set it up, provided the proper staff (lifeguards, certified personnel, etc.) and all we did was show up! It couldn’t have been any smoother. The Challenge Tower was certainly a major highlight of our stay. Our children and staff commented on how good they felt about themselves after conquering such a fun, but challenging obstacle. Some children spoke of not being sure if they could do some of the challenges only to end up with more self-confidence than they came with!
Joe Tamer, Principal-Glenn C. Marlowe Elementary School