Friday, March 20, 2009

Why A Christian Camp...

Why a Christian Camp? Lutheridge+ Lutherock Summer Camp will welcome thousands of campers this year. We will teach them concrete skills for Christian living, skills that they will use for a lifetime. We will affirm their gifts and coach them to affirm each other. Our staff supports and encourages our campers to stretch and grow, rejoicing in accomplishments and seeing failure as a chance to try again. Our goal is that every camper who comes to Lutheridge+Lutherock goes home closer to Jesus, knowing Him better and loving Him more.

Why choose our Christian Camp? Other camps boast improved skills in concrete, measurable areas: shots on goal. Most offer the chance to build self-esteem and develop teamwork through practice drills and competition. This is fine and can be valuable, but it is easy to be fooled into thinking that secular camps teach “real-life” skills that kids can use, and Christian camps do not. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The skills that campers will learn at Lutheridge+Lutherock this summer are just as tangible and useful.

Self-esteem and teamwork are emphasized, but will not be taught through drills and competition. Each camper will be supported and encouraged to try new things, to stretch and grow in ways that are appropriate. For some first-time campers, that will mean cutting their own meat or sleeping in a cabin. For high school youth it may be hiking 20 miles on the Appalachian Trail or putting a new roof on a Habitat cabin. Campers go home amazed at what they CAN do, not only by themselves, but as a team. Throughout the week, campers learn to live and work and play together. Middle school and high school campers spend time on the Group Interaction Course, a low ropes adventure that teaches campers problem solving and leadership skills. Campers are taught HOW to be encouraging and affirming of one another. Every child goes home feeling like a winner.

For parents and baptismal sponsors, sending a child to church camp is an excellent way to show commitment to the promises made on the child’s behalf at the baptismal font. A week at Lutheridge+Lutherock in no way replaces regular worship or involvement in a home congregation, but it does give youth a broader and deeper understanding of the church and of the faith which the church proclaims.

Our counselors are also important role models for campers. Talented college students, committed to Christ and excited about sharing their faith and love for children, receive two full weeks or more of intensive training before campers are entrusted to their care. They show campers that a life of faith is not only fulfilling, but also fun! They hear problems and offer advice to situations that campers just would not share with the “grownups” in their lives. And over and over, throughout the summer, they point to Jesus as THEIR counselor, their strength and joy. Young people expect parents, teachers, and pastors to do that, but when “cool” college counselors live their faith and mean it…then campers believe it can be true in their own lives…here and now.
At Lutheridge+Lutherock these are skills and attitudes that can be put to use tomorrow and will last a lifetime. Few of today’s children will still be leading cheers or playing soccer when they are fifty. But they will still be relating to people in their family, workplace and neighborhood. They will still be children of God living out the covenant of their baptism.

Take a moment and check out our different Summer Camp Curriculum's, you will be inspired to have your child join us this summer.

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