Friday, July 24, 2009

Autumn Retreats & Programs...

Autumn is a special time at Lutheridge+Lutherock and we delight in the changing colors of the season. Bright Yellows, Reds and Oranges backlit by the sun are truly magnificent with the backdrop of the mountains. The crisp nights and warm days make for a near perfect Camp and Retreat environment. Our 2009 Autumn programs are truly inspiring, consider treating yourself to a “Spiritual Getaway” here in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains.

This is a small sampling of our 2009 Autumn programs.
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Fall Color Weekend
October 16-18 (Friday-Sunday)
Enjoy the best of Autumn's beauty: crisp, sunny days and cool, starry nights; mountain trails and sparking waterfalls; surrounded by trees in brilliant color!
Enjoy on-site activities: crafts, campfires, hayrides, songs, stories and a staff-led outing to a nearby waterfall. Or set your own schedule and explore the beauty of the area on your own. Bring family and friends and meet lots of new ones. The weekend begins with fellowship and devotions on Friday night and ends with worship in the open-air chapel on Sunday morning. Fees (which vary according to lodging) include two nights lodging (with linens) and four meals, Saturday breakfast through Sunday breakfast. Saturday lunch is a picnic lunch you can take with you.
Leaders: Pastors Tim and Mary Canniff-Kuhn, Lutheridge Program Directors

2009:Portraits of Faith
Autumn Adults: Mid-Week Adult Retreat
October 18-22, 2009 (Sunday-Thursday)
For adult church groups and individuals.

This program, for both individuals and church groups, provides a wonderful blend of study time, sightseeing opportunities, and fellowship activities. This year's offering includes:

Mornings: Bible Study - "Portraits of Faith" led by Pastors Tim and Mary Canniff-Kuhn (see below for a more detailed description)
Afternoons: Exploring - Motor Coach Parkway Tour, Apple Farms, Hayrides
Evenings: Fellowship, Entertainment, Storytelling with Pastor Mary C-K
"Good study and wonderful fellowship in the midst of God's Creation."

We have many other retreats and programs log on to our website to check it out or to register.

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Passion Walk...

Earlier this week we caught up with Van Van Horn, Lutherock Program Director. We wanted him to tell us about his very special program, “Passion Walk” or “L.D.R.” (Life, Death & Resurrection).

Tell me about the Passion Walk. What is it? What story does it tell?

Actually, it isn't the "Passion Walk" it is "L.D.R." (Life, Death, Resurrection). The staff acts out stories from the Bible during Jesus' time with the disciples. It goes right to the time He was handed over and crucified and then we have a service at the cross.

Lutheridge has a camp-wide vespers service on Sunday. Is this Lutherock's camp-wide vespers? Does it happen on Sundays?
We have a camp wide worship on Sundays and Fridays. This would be in addition to that, on Tuesday nights.

How do you decide who plays which person? Does the same staff play the same person each week?
We try to have the same people play the major characters, Jesus, etc. Everyone has an understudy.

When did “LDR” start? Who created it?
We started it in 2003 (my first summer here). It was the idea of Sanford Groff. We have changed it a lot since then, but using the same basic plan for it.

What kind of impact do you think it has on the campers and adults?
I think it is great for the adults and campers to see their counselors making this story an important part of their week at camp. With the changing themes each year L.D.R. still supports anything that they are studying during the week. I believe it helps to bring the story "alive" for folks especially when they see Jesus on the cross breathing His last breath. We follow that up with Jesus rising from the dead and we, of course, celebrate that.

Van, thanks for taking a moment to share your story of “LDR”. You make a difference here at Lutheridge+Lutherock.

If you would like to view more about “LDR” log onto our site and check it out.