Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lutheranch, Count Us In!

“Count us in!”
“Thanks for inviting us to ‘sample’ Lutheranch! What a wonderful afternoon! It was just absolutely perfect – nice drive out, incredible setting and the current facilities are very nice and more than adequate for immediate use- that was a surprise…love the screened porch, dock etc. Can’t get over the 2 lakes. "
"Getting us out onto the land makes all the difference too. One can see videos, lovely brochures, but to see the scope and beauty is what it’s all about. Count us in!!!!”
A Lutheranch Guest

Congregations throughout the southeast are being counted! About three years ago, Lutheridge+Lutherock Ministries launched the Foundations for Faith Campaign: The Challenge. Part of this campaign helped with the purchasing of a little over 500 acres along the Alabama/Georgia state line. Lutheranch is LLMI’s third site for learning, renewal, and outreach to continue the mission of LLMI to provide times and places apart. In an area where the Lutheran Church is growing, Lutheranch will serve campers, congregations, and groups throughout the southeast, especially those in the Southeastern Synod. Have you seen Lutheranch? Have you heard? Have you been counted?

The Challenge campaign has reached $3.3 million in cash and pledges toward the $3.5 million campaign goal and a $4.9 million stretch goal! Many donors and campaign volunteers have accomplished this great achievement. To date 91 congregations have participated in a congregational campaign.

We are grateful to the many that have helped Lutheranch become a reality. Gifts to The Challenge campaign enabled the purchase of this land. What a blessing!

Everyone’s participation does make all the difference! Christian camping and retreating make a huge difference in the lives of young and old! Spirits are renewed through the ministries of Lutheridge, Lutherock, and Lutheranch.

For the guest who wrote to us, and for many like her, Lutheranch is a dream come true, as camping and retreating will be made available for more people young and old.

Now as we move forward, we need others to participate in this historic and exciting opportunity. Libby Bedenbaugh, congregational campaign director, is eager to work with and help remaining congregations run a successful campaign. Every congregation’s strong participation is needed if we are to reach our goal for Lutheranch.

Let us “COUNT YOU IN!” For more information about Lutheranch and the Foundations for Faith Campaign: the Challenge, please visit our website:

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  1. o my gosh this looks absoltly amazing!! i am a seventh graeder and my school once stayed at your camp. they switched it so my class is trying hard to switch it back! it would be awesome if you could email me with basic info about some of your camps (like this one) and prices and stuff. thank you thank you! your help will be greatly apreactied to our cause. my email is
    God bless!