Thursday, October 1, 2009

November Faith-Alive Retreat...

New this Fall -- Faith Alive Retreat! CHRISTIAN VOCATION: What God is calling you to do with your gifts and your life!

Friday - Sunday ~ NOVEMBER 13-15, 2009

Middle School and High School youth will hear that God has a plan for them ~ and learn how to listen and discern God's will for their lives. Pastors are not the only ones called by God. Martin Luther taught that ALL work is holy when done with integrity. Our goal as Christians is to discover the best way to use the gifts that God has given us to build up God's kingdom here and now. Bible study, gift inventories, creative exercises, and practice in active listening will help young people claim their unique abilities and explore ways to use them to God's glory. This retreat will REDEFINE "SUCCESS" with an emphasis on service over self, inspiring students to make a difference in the world. The teacher for this retreat is Pastor Mary Canniff-Kuhn, Lutheridge Program Director.

Pastor Tim Canniff-Kuhn, LLMI Interim Vice President, will lead a Faith Alive Retreat on CHRISTIAN VALUES the same weekend. Middle School youth will explore Jesus' values and compare them to our own. This retreat has received rave reviews from kids and adults each time it has been offered.

Faith Alive retreats also give middle school and high school youth a true camp experience including games, skits, stories, songs, campfire and creative worship. Lutheridge counselors provide supervision and add their own faithful witness and joyful attitude to the experience.

Encourage the young people in your family or congregation to become the adults God wants them to be. Let these retreats help FAITH come ALIVE in new and exciting ways.

Visit our website for more details or to register online!

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