Friday, February 13, 2009

Faith Formation Stimulus Package...

Summertime is a magical time of year here at Lutheridge+Lutherock, we relish the long languid days filled with the laughter and joy of our Summer Campers. We have created many terrific programs for kids of all ages. Christian community, making friends, teamwork and creative Bible Study are key to making the camp experience as wonderful and memorable as possible. At camp our days are filled with many activities such as Music and Drama, Outdoor Games, Swimming, Canoeing, Singing Campfires, Camaraderie and Arts & Crafts. The goal for our campers is to have fun, grow in faith, and learn something new everyday.
Lutheridge+Lutherock Ministries believes all children and youth should have a summer camp experience, regardless of their family’s financial situation. In response to uncertain economic times in our country, we have recently developed a “Faith Formation Stimulus Package”. Simply put, the program is specifically designed to service our campers whose parents may have been layed-off or have recently lost their jobs. We feel that it is important to “give back”. It is a simple process, log onto LLMI.ORG, click on “News and Calendars” to download and fill out the paper work, and then send to us. It is that easy. (It is hoped that the family and home congregation can assist with the camp fee, but it is not required.)

Summer Camp is an adventure for kids of all ages. If you know someone who may want to apply for our "Faith Formation Stimulus Package" please forward this email or if you would like to apply, now is the time. Lutheridge+Lutherock is the place to learn, have fun, grow in faith, and make the most of any child’s summer.

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