Friday, May 15, 2009

Apple Festival...

Even though we have barely touched into the "Summer Season" here at Lutheridge+Lutherock we are always planning a few seasons in advance. A favorite event is the annual Apple Festival. This year it will be the first weekend in October, the 2nd-4th.
There is nothing like the crisp days of autumn in the Appalachian Mountains. The air is clear, the sunshine bright

and warm during the day and the views, well, on a clear day I believe you can see forever. Life is short and meant to be lived well. So treat yourself to some autumn and mountain magic, bring the family and make a memory that will be long-lived and filled with joy.
Imagine a spectacular weekend filled with a many activities, including a hike to Cross Rock for a breathtaking view, you can also climb the ropes course, pick apples or make apple cider, feast on autumn meals, and take pleasure in sitting around the campfire and gaze at the star filled mountain sky. We also will be offering a special hayride and many types of crafts for the kids! Cost includes two nights lodging, Saturday breakfast through Sunday breakfast as well as all program costs. Our leader for this fantastic Autumn weekend will be Van Van Horne, Lutherock Program Director.
So take a moment and log onto our website to review the details. We cannot wait to see you!

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